Frequently asked questions on vinyl flooring


  • What is Quick-Step vinyl flooring?
  • What is LVT flooring?
  • What is PVC flooring and when is it useful?
  • What are PVC tiles?
  • What’s the difference between flexible vinyl and Alpha Vinyl?
  • What’s the difference between Click and Click+?
  • What is the difference between a class 32 and 33 product?
  • Can I use Quick-Step Vinyl in combination with underfloor heating or cooling?
  • Can I install vinyl flooring on walls?
  • Is there anywhere I shouldn't install vinyl floors?
  • Can I install Quick-Step Vinyl in my veranda?
  • Can I install Quick-Step vinyl on top of an existing floor?
  • Can I use Quick-Step vinyl in my bathroom?
  • Can excessive water that seeps through the vinyl floor damage my underlay?
  • Can I use a standard Stanley knife to cut Quick-Step vinyl?

Preparation & installation

  • Before you start laying your vinyl floor
  • How to prepare the subfloor for your vinyl floor
  • All the tools you need to install a vinyl floor
  • Which underlay for vinyl floors?
  • Can I use a laminate underlay for my vinyl floor?
  • Can I use another vinyl underlay than the one proposed by Quick-Step?
  • Do I always need a vinyl underlay?
  • Which underlay do I need in combination with underfloor heating
  • How to install an underlay for a vinyl floor
  • How to start laying a vinyl floor
  • How to cut vinyl flooring
  • How to install a vinyl floor in a room with sloping walls
  • How to install skirting after placing a vinyl floor
  • How to install vinyl flooring near a curved wall
  • How to lay a vinyl floor around round objects
  • How to install vinyl on stairs
  • How to install vinyl underneath a door
  • Quick-Step Multifunctional, the finishing profile for your floor
  • What if the subfloor is moist, or the concrete isn't dry enough?
  • What’s the maximum floor length I can install?
  • How to install a Quick-Step vinyl floor - glued down installation

Maintenance & repairs

  • What is the best way to clean and maintain my Quick-Step vinyl floor?
  • How to clean a vinyl floor
  • Can I steam clean my vinyl floor?
  • How to remove scuff marks from a vinyl floor
  • How to remove stains from a vinyl floor
  • How do I treat minor damage to my Quick-Step vinyl floor?
  • How to close gaps between vinyl planks
  • How to fix a vinyl floor that warps
  • How to use the Quick-Step repair kit?
  • How to replace a damaged vinyl plank
  • Can I simply replace a plank?
  • How do I keep my Quick-Step vinyl floor scratch free?

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