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How to choose
the perfect kitchen flooring

Your kitchen is the beating centre of your home, bursting with activity. It’s the place where you fire up the stove to cook a world-class meal and where you gently greet the morning with a long, luxurious breakfast. As the central heart of your busy life, your kitchen deserves flooring that can cope with the daily hustle and bustle.

Kitchen-proof floors

Even the most refined chef can’t avoid spilling food sometimes or prevent a splash of water from escaping the sink. What’s more, your kitchen is where hygiene matters the most — so kitchen flooring that can handle intensive cleaning is an absolute must.

Why you’ll love Quick-Step in your kitchen

Years of carefree quality

Whether you choose laminate, vinyl or wood flooring, your floor will serve as the durable ‘cooking base’ of your kitchen for years to come. That’s why you’re offered a lifetime warranty on all our laminate, vinyl and Cascada hardwood flooring.* Choose the perfect underlay from a wide selection to enhance the pleasure and beauty of your vinyl, laminate or hardwood kitchen floor.

* Except for Creo laminate (20 years) and Largo laminate and Vinyl Flex Click (25 years).

Flooring for every taste

Looking for an authentic, traditional wood grain design? Or do you prefer the exotic look of tropical woods? Perhaps you’re a fan of natural stone flooring. Whatever your favourite style, Quick-Step has the laminatevinyl or wood flooring of your dreams — and the perfect skirting boards to match. Wide or narrow, bevelled or square, planks or tiles: the choice is yours.

And did you know Cascada is the only authentic wood floor that is watertight? Our Cascada range is beautifully suited to every room of your home, including your kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

One floor for kitchen and living room

Whether your kitchen opens into the living room area or they are two separate spaces, it’s a good idea to use the same flooring in both rooms. It will create a calming sense of cohesion and make your home seem bigger — especially if you carefully choose the direction in which to lay your floor planks.

Rock-solid quality

Kitchen floors are constantly put to the test. A sharp knife falling edge-down; a glass spilling its bubbly contents in transit: your kitchen floor could tell you stories. But thanks to the patented Scratch Guard protective technology, laminate and vinyl kitchen flooring can easily withstand whatever you throw at it.

A breeze to maintain

Looking for a kitchen floor that can withstand water? Then luxury vinyl flooring is the floor of your dreams. Laminate won’t let you down either: thanks to HydroSeal coating technology, Quick-Step Capture, Eligna, Classic, Impressive Patterns, Impressive (Ultra), Creo, Muse and Majestic laminate floors always remain high and dry.

And did you know Cascada is the only authentic wood floor that is watertight? Our Cascada range is beautifully suited to every room of your home, including your kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

Discover all kitchen floors

Laminate, wood or vinyl:
which should you pick?

As kitchens tend to be both heavily-trafficked and regularly exposed to moisture, food and cleaning products, it is important to choose flooring that can stand up to tough conditions. Kitchens are examples of rooms that are used by everybody in the home many times per day, and host a wide variety of different activities. Ceramic and stone come to mind for their durability, but they feel cold and hard on the feet.

Best choice



  • Great for heavy use: resistant to moisture, dirt and scratches
  • Long-lasting: comes with warranty from 20 years to lifetime
  • Time-saving: easy to clean and maintain
  • Comfortable and cosy: softer and warmer than other durable alternatives


Get inspired

Quick-Step floors are extremely versatile, which means they can be used throughout the house. And thanks to the wide range of designs & styles - from classic to trendy - there is bound to be a Quick-Step floor for every room in the house.

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