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dining room flooring

An elegant candlelight supper. An exquisite dinner party. Or even an original themed evening... The dining room is where guests come together, looking at their best and expecting you to pull out all the stops. Besides a lip-smacking meal, a well-laid table with matching chairs, a damask table cloth and perhaps even the occasional china cabinet — we’re kidding —, there’s one more thing that makes or breaks the perfect dinner party: your dining room flooring.

Lady eating at round table in dining room with grey laminate tile floor

Laminate dining room floors

  • Natural look & feel
  • Stratch & stain resistant
  • 100% waterproof

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Laminate flooring in the dining room is an excellent choice for a space that sees a lot of activity. Whether you are enjoying daily meals with your family or having casual conversations over coffee, laminate flooring provides a perfect blend of durability and aesthetics. Laminate is waterproof so accidental spills during meals won’t damage the floor, while its scratch and stain resistance keeps it looking like new even with frequent use. The natural look and feel of laminate flooring add a touch of elegance to your dining room, making it a warm space for family time.

Family eating at big table while dog is walking on a brown vinyl floor

Vinyl dining room floors

  • Unrivalled beauty
  • Wonderfully silent
  • Innovative waterproof technology

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Vinyl flooring transforms your dining room into a versatile haven. Its waterproof nature handles spills effortlessly, making it ideal for dinner parties with family or friends. The soft, silent surface enhances comfort and reduces noise, perfect for family time and relaxed conversations. With its stunning designs, vinyl flooring adds beauty and elegance, creating an inviting atmosphere where memories are made and shared.

Cat sitting on carpet under the table in dining room with brown hardwood floor

Hardwood dining room floors

  • Authentic beauty
  • Wood for Life
  • Waterproof wood

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Hardwood floors, with their authentic beauty, infuse your dining room with a timeless elegance that elevates every meal and gathering. The Wood for Life technology offers resistance to stains and scratches from daily use. Specifically, the Cala, Amato, and Cascada ranges provide waterproof protection. So don’t panic when spilling some wine. These features ensure your hardwood floors stay beautiful and practical, making your dining room a delightful space for memorable moments with family and friends.