Vinyl floors by Quick-Step

Vinyl flooring & luxury vinyl tiles

Whether you’re going for our ultra-strong Alpha Vinyl or Vinyl Flex, the natural looks and characteristic warmth of our vinyl floors will never cease to amaze you. Choose from a wide range suitable for all needs and circumstances. All floors are equipped with a protective top layer that ensures your floor’s good looks for years to come. And what’s more: our vinyl is perfectly compatible with underfloor heating.

Alpha Vinyl by Quick-Step


Alpha Vinyl is the strongest floor you’ll ever walk on. In most cases, it doesn’t require subfloor preparation, so it’s perfect for renovations. Smart water-repellent technology makes Alpha Vinyl the ideal flooring option for every room.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Ultra-strong for maximum durability
  • Suitable for irregular surfaces
VinylFlex floors by Quick-Step


Vinyl Flex feels soft and warm, which makes the floor a real pleasure to walk on. The very thin planks are easy to install, while our Stain and Scratch Guard technologies offer the ultimate protection for your floor.
  • Very soft & silent
  • Excellent resistance against stains & scratches 
  • Thin & easy to install

3 reasons to choose Quick-Step vinyl flooring

Water resistant vinyl floors

It's water resistant

Go for a worry-free experience with our best-in-class waterproof vinyl flooring. Water repellent technology and a watertight click system (Alpha Vinyl) prevent damage and make luxury vinyl a perfect choice for your bathroom and kitchen.

Soft and silent vinyl floors

It's soft & silent

Treading on a Quick-Step vinyl floor is a pleasant experience in every way: their natural designs catch the eye, they feel soft and warm, and their acoustic performance gets rid of any unwanted noise from heels, boots, trainers or paws.

Vinyl flooring: ideal for renovations

It's ideal for renovations

Renovating? Quick-Step vinyl flooring is very thin and easy to install (thanks to our patented user-friendly click systems). And with the addition of Alpha Vinyl, there’s now a vinyl solution for virtually any type of subfloor (levelled, irregular, or very irregular).

Vinyl accessories

Found the perfect floor? In that case, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start your flooring project. These accessories ensure a smooth installation, the perfect finish and easy maintenance.

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