Vinyl floors: both trendy and timeless

To come up with new designs, our team keeps up to the minute with the latest trends in home interiors, art, architecture, fashion and more. The resulting décors are timeless classics in vinyl flooring. Each floor has its own story and unique look and feel, with carefully selected structures, treatments, and finishes.

Nature vinyl floors

In touch with nature

Dissolve the boundaries between inside and outside and bring nature into your home with natural shapes and colours. Thanks to their true-to-life features, our wood and stone designs offer an unmatched level of realism.

Classic luxury vinyl floors

Classic luxury

Luxury is here to stay – just like high-quality materials. Marble, for example, continues to be popular for flooring, kitchen countertops, and accessories. Combine it with a light-hued, premium oak floor for an extra-luxurious touch.

Concrete design vinyl floors

The nature of concrete

Highly textured stone designs never get old. With Alpha Vinyl, the rough and authentic relief of concrete remains visible, giving this modern flooring option a tough character that compliments almost any interior style.

Alpha Vinyl: high-performance rigid floors

Alpha Vinyl is the strongest floor you’ll ever walk on. In most cases, it doesn’t require subfloor preparation, so it’s perfect for renovations. And the smart water-repellent technology makes Alpha Vinyl the ideal flooring option for every room.

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