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Finish your Quick-Step laminate in style

You’re now the proud owner of a luxurious new Quick-Step laminate floor. Want to add a stylish finishing touch with skirting boards and finishing profiles? Nothing could be simpler! You’ll find skirting boards and finishing profiles to match every design in the Quick-Step laminate range.



Finishing your laminate floor

STEP 1: Install your skirting boards

Once you’ve selected the skirting boards to match your particular laminate floor, you can install them in just four quick and easy steps:

  1. Start by measuring the walls of your room from corner to corner.
  2. Use a circular saw to cut the skirting boards to the right angle.
  3. Apply a layer of glue evenly to each skirting board and then press it firmly in place.
  4. For a totally watertight finish, now add the Foamstrip, Hydrokit and Hydrostrip. These are compatible with all our laminate ranges, with the exception of the Largo collection.

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STEP 2: Add your finishing profiles

Finishing profiles are extremely useful: as well as helping to eliminate height differences between different floor levels, they also give you the chance to combine different types of flooring.

You’ll need to place them in every doorway if you have a floating floor, and they may prove to be necessary in larger rooms. But one thing is for sure, whether you opt for a perfectly colour-matched 5-in-1 Incizo profile or one of our aluminium profiles, you’ll find that installing your Quick-Step finishing profiles is very straightforward.

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STEP 3:The finer details

Loving your room’s new look, with skirting boards and profiles all in place? It’s now time to focus on the finer details. Conceal unsightly radiators with our stylish radiator covers. Or why not use the Kit to fill in the places where it’s not possible to install skirting boards – but do be sure to avoid filling necessary dilatation joints by mistake.

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STEP 4:The last step

For a real five star makeover, why not add Quick-Step laminate stair covers to your stairs. Sounds complicated? Not at all – armed with just glue, tape measure and a circular saw and some basic DIY skills, this is all you need to do:

  • Completely remove the old floor covering from the stairs, and make sure the stairs are clean and level.
  • Measure the first stair, and then use a circular saw to cut your plank to the dimensions of its vertical side (the riser).
  • Glue the cut plank to the riser.
  • Place an aluminium profile on the top edge of the stair and screw firmly into place.
  • Measure the horizontal side of the stair (the tread), cut your plank to size and glue it down, making sure that it fits snugly against the riser.

And you’ve finished! Take a moment to admire your handiwork – and enjoy your stylish new interior.

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A watertight finish in 5 easy steps

Installing a watertight floor is super easy. Follow the steps on the right for laminate that’s ready for splashes, humidity, and all the bathroom fun you could want. Even more, it can take a good cleaning too. All Quick-Step laminate floors are watertight, except the Largo collection. 

Step 1

Install your underlay.

Step 2

Install your watertight floor. Provide an expansion gap (8 to 10 mm) between walls and floor.

Step 3

Install a foamstrip between the wall and your floor.

Step 4

Apply the hydrokit on top of the foamstrip.

Step 5

Install the skirting with the hydrostrip and finish up.

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