Our tips for creating your dream interior

Your floor is the foundation of your home’s interior. That’s why Quick-Step offers numerous colours, styles and finishes to ensure a perfect match for every taste and personality. But with so many options, how do you know you’re making the right choice? These tips and tricks will give you a head start with turning your house into the home of your dreams.

6 colour palettes to set the mood

The hues of your interior reveal your true colours… So make sure you get them right. Choose the look and feel you want to convey and create a unique appearance.

1. Yellow & beige

Stand for sun, fun & optimism.
Make a dark room feel sunnier and create a peaceful atmosphere with light oak, beech, or maple flooring.

2. Red & orange

Stand for warmth, intimacy & harmony.
Picture yourself in an exotic, warm place with cherry or merbau design. Add colonial and solid furniture for accentuation.

3. Brown

Stands for earth, comfort & security.
Connect with nature by laying brown-tinted floors. The excellent backdrop for rustic furniture and bright, strong colours.

4. White & light beige

Stand for light, purity, & timelessness.
Go for a contemporary feel and add brightness, space and light to the room with a pattern of light maple or Norwegian pine.

5. Grey

Stands for neutral, chic & peaceful.
Grey flooring is the perfect match for trendy colours and warm tones. An added plus: it will give your classic furniture a contemporary look.

6. Black

Stands for luxury, style & class.
Add flair to your home and give your room a luxurious appearance with black flooring. Contrast with bright colours on your walls and ceiling, and add a couple of eye-catching decorations for maximum effect.

The effect of light & dark

Did you know that just by playing with the brightness of the floor, ceiling and walls, you can make a room appear larger, warmer, narrower, deeper or longer? As a general rule, use light tints to make a room seem larger and dark colours to do the opposite.

  • Want your room to be airy, rustic, and timeless? Then a light-coloured floor is perfect for you. Add darker furniture for a surprisingly successful combination.

  • If you love contrast, you’ll love dark flooring. Combine with light walls or other dark colours to add accents. But be careful: too many dark colours will give the room a sombre, enclosed feel, so make sure to add plenty of light touches.

8 compelling combinations

1. LIGHT FLOOR & LIGHT WALLS will make your room appear extra wide. But don’t overdo it to avoid a sterile look.
Light floor & light walls
2. LIGHT FLOOR & DARK WALLS will bring out the horizontal lines.
Light floor & dark walls
3. LIGHT FLOOR, LIGHT CEILING & A LIGHT REAR WALL will make your room look narrower, deeper, and higher.
Light floor, light ceiling & a light rear wall
4. LIGHT FLOOR, LIGHT CEILING & A DARK REAR WALL will make your room look smaller.
Light floor, light ceiling & a dark rear wall
5. LIGHT FLOOR, DARK CEILING & DARK WALLS in the same colour create a shapeless effect.
Light floor, dark ceiling & dark walls
6. DARK FLOOR, LIGHT CEILING & LIGHT WALLS will make your room look wider.
Dark floor, light ceiling & light walls
7. DARK FLOOR, DARK CEILING & LIGHT WALLS will make your room feel wider and lower.
Dark floor, dark ceiling & light walls
8. DARK FLOOR, LIGHT CEILING & DARK WALLS give an interesting shadow effect, since all the light seems to come from above.
Dark floor, light ceiling & dark walls

3 ‘groovy’ effects

Whether or not you’re ‘into the groove’ will affect the appearance of your room. That’s why Quick-Step offers you a broad palette of both ‘grooved’ and ‘grooveless’ floors.
1. PLANKS WITH GROOVES ON THE LONG SIDES will add depth to the room.
2. PLANKS WITH GROOVES ON ALL SIDES will give the room a rural character.
3. PLANKS WITHOUT GROOVES will make the room appear sleeker and more streamlined.

Find your favourite floor

Which floors are the best choice for your room and style? In three easy steps the FloorExplorer will build you an inspiring moodboard containing only flooring options that meet your needs and personality.

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