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Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring

Why choose vinyl plank flooring?

Bring your home to life with our most natural-looking vinyl floor planks yet. Authentically beautiful colours and deep surface textures combine with high-performance engineering – for beautiful floors that are comfortable, quiet and 100% waterproof. You can hardly tell them apart from real wood.

Vinyl plank floors – inspired by nature

Connect with the natural world and bring harmony into your home with our vinyl plank flooring. Our Belgian designers carefully seek out the perfect original pieces of wood to inspire their designs. The result? Each plank is so realistic you’ll have to look twice. Authentic colours and deep surface textures, including evocative knots, cracks and small splits, combine to create a beautiful effect that you can feel as well as see.

Home office with brown vinyl plank floor

Effective soundproofing

Who doesn’t want to relax in a calm, quiet home? Our vinyl plank flooring is the answer. With precisely engineered multiple layers, it offers better soundproofing than traditional floors. So you can enjoy life to the full without worrying about noise.

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Bathroom with natural vinyl plank flooring

100% waterproof vinyl plank flooring

Accidents happen. We know drinks get spilled and water gets splashed. With 100% waterproof vinyl plank flooring you don’t need to worry. Our watertight click system fully closes the joints, and our Hydroseal technology creates a water-repellent surface. No raised edges, swollen planks or damage to your sub-floor. You can use this beautiful flooring anywhere in the house, even the bathroom.

Vinyl plank flooring with underlay attached

With high-performance underlay already attached to our vinyl planks, you don’t need to buy and fit an additional underlay – making installation even quicker and easier. What’s more, the underlay improves stain, scratch and impact resistance, adds comfort underfoot, and helps reduce sound to nearby rooms.

Kitchen with grey vinyl plank flooring

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