Quick-Step vinyl flooring: a pleasure to walk on

Luxury vinyl floors are easy on the eye. Their natural designs look exactly like real wood or tile flooring. However, good looks only take you so far. Thanks to its sound-reducing effects and soft feel, it’s easy to match style with comfort.

What makes our vinyl floors so comfortable?

Soft and silent vinyl flooring by Quick-Step

Soft & warm

Our Vinyl floors have pleasant written all over them: warm feet from the moment you wake up, and a soft touch when you kick off those work shoes in the evening. Those with really cold feet can even install our vinyl with underfloor heating to truly warm their souls (and soles).

Soft and silent vinyl flooring by Quick-Step


Tapping high heels, stomping sneakers, scraping chairs, etc. None of us are strangers to distracting sounds. Luxury vinyl flooring reduces noise with its sound-absorbing layers.

Soft and silent vinyl flooring by Quick-Step

Natural look & feel

Our luxury vinyl floors and tiles offer a wide range of natural-looking authentic designs, topped off with a gorgeous extra-matte finish and matching bevels and structures. Whether you choose ‘real wood’ or ‘stone’, your new floor will take centre stage in your home.

Vinyl Flex: floors for maximum comfort

Looking for warm and soft flooring? Vinyl Flex is your solution. Vinyl Flex planks are easy to install, and the Stain and Scratch Guard technologies offer ultimate protection for long-term enjoyment.

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Soft and warm vinyl floors by Quick-Step