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grey vinyl flooring in living room by Quick-Step

Grey vinyl flooring

Quick-Step’s grey vinyl flooring is all your room needs

Quick-Step’s vinyl flooring grey is everything you need if you want a floor that is long-lasting, easy to install and that will add ambiance to your room. Discover the wide variety of options and choose the one that suits your preferences. We offer cool and warm shades, so you will always find the perfect match for your house.

Did you know that grey vinyl flooring will add style to your room?

The carefully selected combinations of shade, designs, details, and finishes of grey vinyl flooring open unmatched possibilities and choices for your specific taste, style, and preferences. Nature-mimicking designs create warm, relaxing, and elegant environments.

grey tile vinyl flooring in kitchen by Quick-Step

Grey vinyl flooring in stone design creates a feeling of spaciousness and continuity with the outdoors. With its understated luxury and premium quality, the vinyl flooring grey stone look fits perfectly in modern and sleek interiors.

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grey plank vinyl flooring in kitchen by Quick-Step

Dark grey vinyl flooring with a natural wood look is no doubt a choice with a classic luxury touch. The natural wood look offers versatility that fits various interior styles with ease and adds harmony to it.

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Discover our grey vinyl flooring

light grey tile vinyl flooring in hallway by Quick-Step

Light grey vinyl flooring: a perfect mix of functionality and elegance

The high-quality grey vinyl flooring ensures not only a long-lasting elegance but also durability and resistance to moisture. Spilled liquids are no longer a concern with grey vinyl flooring due to its excellent waterproof characteristics. Moreover, cleaning spilled liquid has never been easier, making it a perfect option for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms. With its stain-resistance, waterproof nature, and ease of cleaning, even the light grey vinyl flooring is practical and durable and will always look as good as new for years.

Vinyl flooring grey: a softer texture and less noise

Enjoy the comfort of Quick-Step grey vinyl flooring. The high-quality material and surface finish ensure a softer feel for cosy walking from the moment you wake up. Once you try the light or dark grey vinyl flooring, you never want anything else. The good news is that these floors are long-lasting, and they are here for you to stay. With an adequate underfloor, grey vinyl flooring is a very good shock-absorbing material. This allows for a sound-dumbing effect with impacts and daily movement, which in turn reduces ambient noise and guarantees a silent and pleasant atmosphere with grey vinyl flooring.

dark grey plank vinyl flooring in kids room by Quick-Step

Dark grey vinyl flooring is easy to install

Grey vinyl flooring is a practical and straightforward choice for your room. Quick-Step grey vinyl flooring is easy to install thanks to the enhanced Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit click system, which makes the installation process simple, fast, and efficient. You don’t have to worry about installation costs because you can easily do it yourself! Just make sure to look at the grey vinyl flooring installation instructions carefully before starting, then all you need are a bit of DIY experience and a few installation tools.

Easy to clean, easy to maintain

Keeping your high-quality grey vinyl flooring clean is hassle-free. All it takes is a vacuum cleaner, a damp mop, or a microfiber cloth. The floor will not only be clean, it will also look new again. Quick-Step cleaning products offer you a specially designed cleaning formula for your grey vinyl flooring that maintains its look and leaves no residual layers. Furthermore, a unique feature of our dark and light grey Alpha Vinyl flooring is its water-repellent HydroSeal coating which prevents water from penetrating the floor joint. Just do not use too much water, then cleaning your grey vinyl flooring is safe, easy, and fast.