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black vinyl floor in a living room

Black vinyl flooring

Black vinyl flooring can be combined with every other colour

Black vinyl flooring is all you need to make your room not only stylish, but also easy to maintain. Quick-Step offers all the designs you are looking for. Black vinyl flooring is the perfect foundation if you want to work with colour contrast in your room since almost every colour matches well with black.

Black vinyl flooring with a natural look and feel

A stylish and modern interior cannot be complete without the right flooring choice. Quick-Step offers you the floor you were looking for. Our black vinyl flooring is inspired by nature; the highly natural look and feel make it hard to differentiate our floors from natural stone. Quick-Step black vinyl flooring has a natural feel which provides you with a warm, cosy, and elegant interior style which is both trendy and timeless. Did you know that the tile size of Quick-Step black vinyl flooring can also influence the vibes of your interior design? Therefore, we offer you different tile sizes and shapes to suit your needs better.

black vinyl tile flooring in a bathroom

Large tiles of Quick-Step black vinyl flooring are the perfect matches for bigger rooms, as they create a feeling of even more space with a touch of simplicity.

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black vinyl tile flooring in a bathroom

We recommend smaller tiles for tiny rooms because they tend to create a feeling of spaciousness.

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Discover our black vinyl flooring

black vinyl flooring in a hallway

Quick-Step black vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof for optimum durability and functionality

The premium Quick-Step black vinyl flooring is not only elegant and stylish but functional and durable too! Quick-Step black vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof with excellent moisture resistance. You do not have to worry anymore about spilled liquids, Quick-Step black vinyl flooring will not stain, show raised edges, or become swollen. If you want a perfect flooring choice for water-prone areas like the kitchen, hallway or bathroom, then look no further! Quick-Step black vinyl flooring with its waterproof characteristics will ensure you long-lasting quality and elegance for years to come.

Quick-Step black vinyl flooring is easy to install by yourself or through our experts

Installing your black vinyl flooring is now easier than ever. You can save on costs if you decide to install your black vinyl flooring yourself; Quick-Step will have you covered. Our Uniclic (Multifit) systems make installation quicker and simpler than ever. A few tools and some DIY experience are all you need for a straightforward installation and finish. Don't forget to read the installation manual before you start!

black vinyl floor in a living room

Low maintenance required to keep your Quick-Step black vinyl flooring as good as new

Elegance, versatility and functionality are not the only highlights of Quick-Step black vinyl flooring. Add to all of that the low maintenance requirement, and then black vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for your home. Especially with a busy lifestyle, it is even more convenient to have a black vinyl floor that can be cleaned quickly and easily. With a simple swipe with a damp mop or cloth, your floor is as good as new. Moreover, Quick-Step offers you specially designed cleaning products for your black vinyl floors that leave no residual layer for even more convenient cleaning and maintenance.