Quick-Step vinyl flooring: designed for renovation

Creating the house of your dreams by renovating over someone else’s dreams? Or, is it just time to renew your floor? Luxury vinyl is your go-to floor. You could easily drop a full bowl of tomato soup on this floor without leaving a dent or stain. And its strong, resistant top-layer will preserve the natural design of your new floor for ages to come.

Why luxury vinyl is perfect for renovations

Easy to install vinyl flooring

Easy to install

Whether you choose click or glue installation, your new Livyn floor will brighten up your home in no time.

Vinyl flooring is renovation-friendly

For any type of subfloor

No worries. Whether you are dealing with a levelled or (very) irregular subfloor, there’s always a vinyl flooring solution that fits your needs.

Vinyl flooring is renovation-friendly

Exceptionally thin

Grab one of our luxury vinyl planks and you’ll immediately know why they’re so easy to handle and install: they’re just so exceptionally thin!

Alpha Vinyl: high-performance rigid floors

Alpha Vinyl is the strongest floor you’ll ever walk on. In most cases, it doesn’t require subfloor preparation, so it’s perfect for renovations. And the smart water-repellent technology makes Alpha Vinyl the ideal flooring option for every room.

Discover Alpha Vinyl now

Solid vinyl flooring by Quick-Step