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kitchen laminate flooring from Quick-Step

Kitchen laminate flooring

Kitchen laminate flooring is all you need

The floor of the kitchen is intensively used and so you need a high-quality floor that is not only functional but also adds extra ambiance to the room. If you want a floor that will last for at least 25 years, Quick-Step kitchen laminate flooring is all you need. Our floors are resistant to water, durable and also very easy to install.

Why laminate kitchen flooring is always the best choice

A high-quality floor is all you want for your house. A good floor can be used intensively without being damaged. A kitchen is a place where tasteful meals are prepared, where drinks are served and then you do not want to worry about your floor. If you accidentally spill something, the stains should be easy to clean. Kitchen laminate flooring from Quick-Step has a HydroSeal coating in the edges so if you spill water on it, it will not affect the floor. The floors are water-resistant which allows you to do slightly wet maintenance. A damp cloth is usually enough to remove the stains.

kitchen laminate flooring from Quick-Step

Kitchen flooring laminate is more hygienic

Did you know that most of the bacteria in your house can be found on your floor? Traditional wooden floors absorb bacteria and therefore they are hard to clean. The edges of our water-resistant laminate flooring are protected with a hydroseal coating to prevent that water can seep through the joints. This enables you to clean the floor with a wet mop easily. If you want the best result, always use the detergent that is offered by Quick-Step.

kitchen laminate flooring from Quick-Step

Discover our kitchen laminate flooring

A wide variety of designs

Kitchen flooring laminate is available in a wide variety of designs so there is always a design that suits your needs. If you want a natural-looking floor or a stylish tile pattern floor, Quick-Step will offer you what you need. We recommend you to choose what color you prefer so you can continue by choosing the material, or the look of the material you prefer.

Warm wood

If you want to make a cozy home, then our imitation wood laminate kitchen flooring will probably please you. The ambient floor is almost indistinguishable from a real wooden floor, but it does not come with the hassle of a real wooden floor. At Quick-Step we have oak, beech, walnut, or pine style laminate flooring. Once this floor is installed in your kitchen, you only have to clean it now and then. Don’t worry about oiling your floor, your laminate kitchen flooring will look like new even after many years of intensive usage.

kitchen laminate flooring from Quick-Step

Stylish stone

If you like minimalism, then our stone-like kitchen laminate flooring might be interesting for you. Like the wooden laminate flooring, these floors are almost indistinguishable from a real stone or concrete floor except for the price. The costs of this high-quality laminate flooring at Quick-Step are considerably lower than real stone or concrete flooring.

Minimal plates

Sometimes all a floor needs is a basic design. At Quick-Step you can find a variety of basic flooring without design. If you just want a stylish white floor, or whatever color you prefer, we are here to help you.

How to install your new floor?

Quick-Step kitchen laminate flooring is known for its easy installation. The innovative click system will allow you to install the floor by yourself. If you want to hire a professional to do the job for you, check on our website where you can find a master installer in your region.

kitchen laminate flooring from Quick-Step