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Bathroom laminate from Quick-Step

Bathroom laminate flooring

All your bathroom needs is laminate flooring from Quick-Step

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular floorings nowadays. Did you know there is also bathroom laminate flooring? More and more customers discover the advantages of this high-quality flooring compared to traditional tiles. Bathroom flooring laminate is much more convenient, much easier to install, and also more affordable. We will tell you all you need to know about this flooring!

Advantages of laminate flooring for bathrooms

If you want the perfect flooring for your bathroom, you need to keep in mind how this room is usually used. Not every flooring or material is suitable for a bathroom since it should be water-resistant. Tiles might look like a good solution, but when you walk barefoot your feet will get cold right away. Laminate flooring for bathroom is the perfect mix between a water-resistant floor and comfortable warmth for your feet.

Waterproof bathroom flooring laminate

As we mentioned before, Quick-Step’s bathroom flooring laminate is water-resistant. This enables you to enjoy an energizing shower or bath without worrying about wetting the floor. If water splashes onto the floor, you can easily dry it with a mop or a towel.

Bathroom laminate from Quick-Step

Stain and scratch-resistant

Quick-Step bathroom laminate flooring offers high resistance to any type of stain or slight scratches. Cleaning the floor will not take much time and after that, your floor will look new for many years to come.


Laminate flooring for bathrooms is available in a wide variety of designs. Whatever your taste is like, or whatever preferences you have, at Quick-Step you will always find the flooring you were looking for. You can choose a warm or white, a classic or a modern design. As diverse as all these floorings are, they all share the fact that they are highly decorative.

Long lifespan

If you buy Quick-Step laminate flooring for bathroom, you buy flooring with a long lifespan. With some simple maintenance, the floor will still look good after more than 20 years of intensive use. You can easily clean the floor with a mop and a quality cleaning product you can buy at Quick-Step. Stains will be removed effortlessly and even after many years, your flooring will look like it was installed recently.

Bathroom laminate from Quick-Step

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Care and maintenance of bathroom laminate flooring

As we already mentioned, maintaining your bathroom laminate flooring, is easy. You can use a vacuum to remove the dry dirt from the floor. After that, you can clean the floor with a microfiber washable mop and the cleaning product that is also available at Quick-Step. If the floor gets damaged, you can hire a professional to restore the damage. In case of light damage, it can easily be repaired in the original colour with the Quick-Step Repair Kit.

Bathroom laminate from Quick-Step

How to install your bathroom laminate flooring?

One of the many reasons our customers prefer our laminate flooring over any other floor is because it’s straightforward to install. Always read the instructions that come with the flooring closely. All you need to do is make sure the surface is clean and the flooring is level. With the right tools, it’s impossible to fail while installing your new floor. The pieces are easy to cut and they click into each other right away effortlessly. However, if you prefer to hire a professional to install the floor for you, you can find an overview of master installers in your region on our website.

Bathroom laminate from Quick-Step