How to cut vinyl flooring

Before you start cutting into a vinyl plank, make sure you are working safely. Make sure you wear gloves.

Always cut with the decor of your plank facing upwards. Use a pencil to draw a cutting line at the measured point, firmly cut into the plank and subsequently break the plank in two, with the decor pointing away from your body.

If you need to break off only a small edge, a pair of pliers or a similar tool is a much more convenient alternative.

Cutting your planks into a special shape should not have to be a problem. Cut the shape into the vinyl plank – making sure that the cuts will fit snugly – and break this shape out of the plank.

If your “insert” comes loose when cutting or sawing, always restart it at the exact same place. This is essential to guarantee a solid click connection.

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Please note: the information given on this page solely applies to Quick-Step flexible vinyl floors. For details about the installation of Alpha Vinyl, please check the vinyl installation instructions. 


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