How to install vinyl flooring near a curved wall

If possible, install the vinyl planks in the direction of your curved wall. Lay entire planks as closely as possible against the wall.

  • Lay an entire plank on top of the last plank. Take a small piece of the remaining plank and use that to measure the curve. Press one side of the block against the wall and put a pencil on the other side. Move the block along the curved wall and draw the curve onto the plank.
  • Cut or saw on this line and subsequently break the plank in two halves. Next, click this plank into the floor. It should fit perfectly. If the curve of your wall is so big that you need more than one plank, repeat this procedure for the next row.

Do not forget to respect the minimum advised expansion gap.

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Please note: the information given on this page solely applies to Quick-Step flexible vinyl floors. For details about the installation of Alpha Vinyl, please check the vinyl installation instructions. 


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