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How to install vinyl on stairs

You can easily cover your stairs with Quick-Step Vinyl using the right profiles.


The right solution

There are different solutions when it comes to installing vinyl on stairs:

The only condition is that the steps of your staircase must be straight and not rounded. The subfloor must be porous to have a strong adhesion between the glue and subfloor.


Installing vinyl Stair Covers on your stairs


Follow these steps for installing the Stair Covers to give your stairs the luxurious appeal of a beautiful Alpha Vinyl floor.

  1. Start by repairing any damage and make sure that the surface area of your stairs is perfectly clean and level.
  2. Measure the exact height and width of each riser (vertical side) and of each step (horizontal side).
  3. To saw a floor plank to size, start measuring from the groove on the long side. Also saw off all other click profiles.
  4. Click together a stair cover and a vinyl plank. Saw the full vinyl stair cover to size. If the bullnose stands out more than 30mm from the riser, an additional plank can be clicked in. Tape these two parts together on the backside.
  5. Gluing – vertical side: Always perform a dry fit before gluing the stair. Start from the top and glue down the vertical front sides first. Use the recommended glue and glue in a wavy motion so enough glue is applied.
  6. Attach each floor panel to the corresponding vertical side of each step, with the groove downwards.
  7. Gluing – horizontal sides: Always perform a dry fit before gluing the stairs. First of all, glue down the upper stair cover. If the floor on the upper level is installed floating, make sure you use an Incizo between the glued down upper stair cover and the floating floor. For each step, click all parts together to cover the tread (the stair cover and the piece of floor panel) so that one full stair cover is formed. Apply glue on the staircase in a wavy motion and make sur enough glue is applied.
  8. Push each stair cover in the groove of the panel that is attached on the riser above. Repeat this for every step.
  9. Finish seams with Quick-Step Coloured kit (QSKIT(-)) to hide any imperfections. The Coloured kit is available in white and different matching colours to your floor. The coloured kit is also paintable.

Attention: this is a step by step for a full colour-matched staircase. If you want pained risers you only need to follow the steps regarding the stair covers (horizontal side).


Installing vinyl profiles on your stairs

Below you can find one of the different possibilities.

  1. Start by removing any old floor covering. Repair any damage and make sure that the surface area of your stairs is perfectly clean and level.
  2. Cut the planks to the dimensions of the vertical side of each step. Use gloves and cut away from your body. We recommend using a concave cutter knife. Next, glue the plank that has been cut to measure to the vertical side.
  3. Take an aluminium profile and carefully place it on the edge of the stairs. Firmly screw this in position.
  4. Your steps will probably have a lot of irregularities. You will need to make these level using a levelling compound. Once this has been taken care of, sand everything down and vacuum. The transition between the aluminium profile and the surface of your stairs must be completely smoothed over as well.
  5. After this, you can start cutting the vinyl to size to cover each step. Glue them down and make sure that they fit snugly against the vertical side. Press firmly. Now your staircase looks like new.
  6. Repeat these steps for the rest of the stairs.

After 24h of drying of the glued installation, you can use your stairs.

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