What is LVT flooring?

A lot of different terms are thrown around when it comes to vinyl floor coverings. Many, however, are actually interchangeable names for the same thing. LVT simply stands for ‘luxury vinyl tiles’, which is sometimes called 'vinyl flooring' or even 'PVC flooring'. ‘Sheet vinyl’ and linoleum are typically available in rolls and glued to the surface, while LVT flooring comes in easy -to-manipulate planks or tiles which can either be installed “floating” (i.e. glue-less) or “glue down”.

One thing’s for sure: vinyl is no longer synonymous for old-fashioned, plastic-looking floors you remember from your grandmother’s house. The latest innovations in flooring have turned vinyl into a solid and practical alternative to laminate and even hardwood flooring.

What is lvt flooring?

The benefits of LVT flooring

With hundreds of styles, colours and flavours available, there’s an LVT floor for every taste and every kind of project. Some of the most prominent benefits are its:

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