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Vinyl flooring in the bathroom

Why vinyl flooring
is the perfect choice
for your bathroom

5 reasons to pick vinyl flooring for your bathroom

Vinyl flooring has a couple of unique qualities that make it an exceptionally good choice for your bathroom. So much even that today, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are quickly surpassing ceramic and porcelain tiles as the most popular bathroom floor.
Moisture resistant vinyl flooring in the bathroom

Moisture resistant

Vinyl floors are water resistant, preventing damage to your floor and making it easier to clean. Apart from your bathroom, it also makes vinyl a suitable flooring choice for your kitchen.

Not slippery when wet

Vinyl wicks away water, offering better grip for your feet even after a bath or shower.

Easy to maintain

Floating LVT requires little maintenance and is easy to sweep, vacuum and mop. Vinyl floors are easy to repair as well: if a plank gets damaged, all you need to do is replace that particular plank.

A pleasure to walk on

Vinyl flooring absorbs ambient heat from the room much quicker than stone, making it more comfortable to walk on barefoot, especially first thing in the morning. No more running around the house in search of your slippers or socks before you walk into the bathroom. Want even more comfort? Vinyl floors are compatible with floor heating as well.

Perfect for renovations

Since many renovations start with the bathroom, it’s good to know that vinyl flooring is exceptionally thin and easy to install. Often, you can just lay it on top of your existing floor.

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Attractive vinyl flooring in the bathroom

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