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Organic modern interior with Quick-Step wood floor

Look inside the home of Zdeněk Štybar

Organic modernism: inspired by nature

Organic modernism is triumphing in the interior design world, drawing inspiration from nature’s inherent imperfections. Thanks to their natural look, Quick-Step Cascada floors are the perfect foundation for this new interior trend. This was also discovered by cyclist Zdeněk Štybar and his wife during an interior makeover. Take a look inside their home and be inspired by the result!

What is organic modernism?

Zdeněk Štybar cherishes his rare family moments at home, leading the Štybars to transform their minimalist interior into a cozier, organic modernism style. This design style has nature as its main inspiration and the beauty of imperfection as a common thread. There is also room for playfulness within the simplicity of organic modernism.

Bright living room with light parquet flooring
Calm office with light wood flooring
Kitchen with light wood flooring

Cascada wood flooring in every room

Zdeněk Štybar and his family desire to have the same floor in all rooms of the house. As a result, they opted for a Cascada flooring (Wintry forest oak extra matt - CASC3854), the very first collection of watertight wood flooring that is also durable and maintainable thanks to the ‘Wood for Life’ technology. This wood flooring is suitable for every part of the house – including the kitchen and hallway – creating seamless connectivity among all living spaces, fostering a strong sense of unity. Moreover, the rich and natural texture of the wood flooring adds warmth and ambiance to the sleek interior. Thus, the Cascada wood flooring not only laid the foundation for a successful makeover, but has also served as a canvas on which memories are built, every day anew.
Lightful dining room with light wood flooring
Cosy living room with light wood flooring

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