How should I install laminate around round shapes?

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How should I install laminate around round shapes?

To place your laminate floor around curved objects, you’ll need a large piece of paper, a knife, a pencil and a jigsaw.

  1. Grab your piece of paper. You’ll use it to cut out the shape of your object on the board. Make sure it is big enough for your object. Trace the rough form of the object on the paper and cut out. Make sure you tape the paper on the floor to keep it in place.

  2. Indicate the distance to the last placed row of boards on the paper.

  3. Take a piece of excess floorboard. Put it against your object and draw a line on the opposite side of your piece of floor. Move the piece along your object and repeat the process of drawing lines. These lines will help us later on to draw the shape onto the boards

  4. Your pattern is finished, so now we’ll click a few boards together. Make sure you have a piece of floor wide enough to fit around the object. Add a few more boards to get some stability.

  5. Tape your pattern on the boards you just clicked together. Using the same piece of surplus board that you used to make the pattern, you’ll now draw lines on the laminate boards. Put it against the lines you drew and make some new lines on the opposite side straight onto the boards.

  6. You’re almost there. Drawn all the lines onto your laminate floor boards? Then you can get rid of the paper. Click the boards loose again, put them on the bench and start sawing along the lines you drew.

  7. Now all that is left is finishing everything. Click your cut-out boards together around your curved object.

Protip: you’ve clicked your boards together around a toilet or another place that gets wet? Use some PE foam and hydrokit so moisture can’t get in!

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