How to install laminate in a room with slanted walls?

Installing laminate in a room with an angled wall might seem like an impossible task. Not true! In a few easy steps, we’ll show you how it can be done. Soon, you’ll be laying down seamless laminate flooring. To get started, you’ll need: a bevel tool, a pencil, a hammer, a measuring tape and a jigsaw.
  1. Start off by clicking about three rows of boards together and placing them at the last point you can reach with full boards. It’s best if you measure this beforehand. If you don’t know how, watch our “How to get started with laminate flooring” video.

  2. Get out your bevel tool and measure the angle of your slanted wall. Fasten the wing-nut and draw that angle onto your floor boards.  
    Protip: copy the angle onto a piece of surplus wood. That way, you won’t have to take out your bevel every five seconds.

  3. Saw out the angle with your jigsaw.
    Protip: use different lengths for the boards with angled sides. You’ll get a nicely staggered floor and a more beautiful effect.

  4. After you finish about three rows, you can start working on that last board that will come against the angled wall. You’ll have to cut it narrower and saw out the slanted wall.
    Protip: place a new board on the last full board of the floor. Using a piece of excess laminate, copy the sawing line onto the new board.

  5. Now you’ll cut out the angle on the board. We advise you to draw the depth first and then the angle. That’s how you’ll achieve that perfect saw line.

  6. Everything sawed, and now you’re ready to place the board? Click in the board and use a hammer and crowbar to secure it firmly into place.

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