How should I install laminate in a room with a curved wall?

To place your laminate floor in a room with a curved wall you’ll need a crowbar, a pencil, a jigsaw, a chisel and a piece of surplus floor.

  • Start by installing your entire laminate floor, moving towards the arched wall. Stop when you can’t place a full board between your wall and the rest of the floor.
  • Click a couple of boards together and put them on top of the last row of flooring.
  • Take the piece of surplus laminate and press it against the wall. On the other side, hold a pencil against it.
  • Move the piece of board alongside the wall. Draw a saw line on the boards you just clicked together.
  • Click the boards with the saw line loose again and saw on the line.
  • Now all that’s left is clicking your sawn-out boards into the final board. Be sure to use the chisel and crowbar to click it tight.

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