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Which tools do I need to install laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is easy to install, but you can’t just do it with your bare hands. Thanks to Quick-Step’s easy click system, you won’t require a ton of tools, though. Here’s a quick overview of everything you’ll need when installing your brand-new laminate floor.

  1. A measuring tape to measure your room and determine the length of your laminate boards.
  2. A pencil for taking notes and drawing sawing lines.
  3. A hammer, a crowbar and a tapping block to click the floor firmly into place.
  4. A jigsaw is indispensable when you want to cut your boards to length or when you need to saw round shapes.
  5. Gloves to protect your hands.
  6. Spacers make it easy to keep a set distance between the walls and your laminate floorboards.
  7. A bevel tool to measure the corners in your room ensures that you cut the boards at the right angle.
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