How long should I wait before I can lay Quick-Step Laminate on a fresh concrete floor or screed?

Concrete floors or screeds need sufficient time to dry before you can start installing your Quick-Step Laminate floor on top. As a rule of thumb, you should wait one week per cm of screed (thickness) up to 4 cm. Wait twice as long for every additional cm (thickness) up to 6 cm and wait 4 weeks for every additional cm beyond 6 cm.

Concrete moisture

Moisture migrates from the bottom to the surface. This takes time. For new concrete floors, you should always lay a plastic foil on the concrete floor before installing the Quick-Step Laminate panels. All Quick-Step underlays have built-in plastic foil. Use Quick-Step underlays to avoid problems later on.

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Screed thickness Advised drying time
<4 cm 1 week per cm
5 cm 6 weeks
6 cm 8 weeks
> 6 cm + 4 weeks per additional cm

An example: for a 6 cm thick concrete floor, you should count on at least (4 x 1 week) + (2 x 2 weeks) = 8 weeks of drying time. For concrete floors thicker than 6 cm, respect 4 weeks of drying time per additional cm.

Tip: always make sure the building is sufficiently ventilated.

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