How to install laminate around radiator tubes?

To place your laminate floor around tubes, you’ll need a knife, a pencil, measuring tape, a silicone caulking gun, and a jigsaw or butterfly drill.

  • Always start with the underlay. Cut out the underlay around the radiator tubes and ensure that the empty spaces are filled up. Use tape to fasten everything. 
  • Place the laminate floor up against the tubes. Use a slat to draw the distance between the pipes and wall. Measure the distance from the centre of the tubes. This piece of flooring will be placed against the wall, behind the tubes. Then, saw on the indicated line. 
  • Click the smaller board onto the longer one that will lie on the other side of the tubes. That way, you can immediately draw a reference point on both boards to show where the tubes will come. Later, you can drill out the holes using these points of reference. Pro tip: Use a piece of surplus to draw your sawing lines.
  • Remove the smaller board and start sawing the larger board. Cut out half a tube diameter in the place where you drew the reference point. Better too large than too small. The golden rule is your tube diameter plus sixteen millimetres – just as with other expansion joints.
  • Now, do the same with the smaller piece. To keep the piece from moving, click it onto the longer board and secure it with a third board.
  • Cut out the rest of the tube shape and unclick everything again. Move the longer board against the radiator tubes. Click it secure with the small board.

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