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How should I clean and maintain my Quick-Step floor?

A floor gets dirty, there’s no way around it. Luckily, our Quick-Step floors are easy to maintain. With these tips, you’ll be able to clean your laminate floor in no time. 

Start by getting out your vacuum cleaner, two buckets, a mop and Quick-Step Clean.

  1. Vacuum your floor thoroughly. Use a parquet broom to avoid scratching your floor. Mop to make sure you got all the dust.
  2. Fill one of the buckets with one cap of Quick-Step Clean per 5 litres of water. The other bucket should be filled with clean water. This’ll let you rinse out your mop or floor cloth. Otherwise, you’d just be moving the dirt around.
  3. You vacuumed and your buckets are ready. It’s time to mop the floor. Dunk your mop in the bucket containing Quick-Step Clean and wring it out well. Get mopping, and the floor will be clean before you know it. Rinse the mop in the second bucket to get the dirt off of it. Repeat until your floor sparkles.

Pro tip: Mop in the direction of your boards to avoid drying streaks.

See our maintenance leaflet for more detailed instructions.

Some Quick-Step laminate floors are water-resistant thanks to our HydroSeal technology, a water-repellent coating that prevents water from penetrating the grooves of the floor. This means you can clean them with as much water as you like! Make sure to remove any water within 12/24 hours (depending on the product reference).

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