How do I prevent scratches on my Laminate floor?

Quick-Step floors are very wear and scratch resistant. They are perfectly suited for playing children.

After years of research and investments in the area of surface layer durability, all our floors receive a 'Scratch Guard' treatment. This guarantees that Quick-Step floors are up to ten times more scratch-resistant to micro-scratches than floors without 'Scratch Guard'.

Deep(er) scratches, e.g. caused by dust, sand or grit stuck under shoes, can still occur. A Quick-Step doormat must prevent the ingress of debris, dust and sand. The doormat must be maintained correctly.

The use of soft castors under 'mobile' furniture such as office chairs, seats and sofas (See question "Can castor chairs be used on a Quick-Step Laminate floor?") and the appropriate protection (felt or soft plastic) under furniture feet will also help to prevent scratching your floor.

But no worries: all our Quick-Step laminate floors are designed for a lifetime of living and playing!


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