How can I repair a damaged laminate board?

Light damage to your laminate floor can be easily repaired with the Quick-Step repair kit. Sometimes, however, a board is damaged so badly that you’ll have to replace it. Removing a board from the floor isn’t the easiest task, but we’ll show you how you can go about it, one step at a time.

You’ll need a couple of tools to replace the broken board: some tape, a knife, a pencil, a plunge saw with rail, a chisel, a hammer, a crowbar and a tapping block.

  1. Make sure you clearly mark the broken board with your pencil or a pen. Tape off the contours of the damaged floorboard so that it stands out.
  2. Take a new board and draw a sawing line on the click side of the new plank. Mark the underside of the board so that you know where exactly the edge comes. We’ll glue this part later on.
  3. Saw off the grooves of the new board with your plunge saw.
  4. Using the same circular saw, saw two parallel grooves in the middle of the damaged board, lengthwise. Bring the grooves as close to the edges as possible.
  5. At the end of the broken plank, make incisions at an angle with your saw. Let the incisions cross the grooves you made earlier. This will make it easier to remove the board.
  6. Remove the beat-up board with a chisel.
  7. Apply glue to one of the short and one of the long sides of the surrounding boards.
  8. Grab the replacement board and click it together with the part you didn’t saw off, into the sides you didn’t glue.
  9. Using a hammer, a crowbar and a tapping block, carefully tap the new board into its place and press well.
  10. Spread about 40 kilos of weight over the board and let the glue dry for a few hours. Afterwards, you’ll have a floor that’s as good as new.

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