How can I fix a rising laminate floor?

During humid periods, you might be confronted with a rising floor. That’s because humidity can expand or shrink your laminate boards. Combine that with boards that are a bit too close to the wall and your laminate floor will come up.

You can fix a floor that rises up in a few easy steps. The only things you’ll need are: a chisel, a hammer and a multi-tool. Some surplus laminate board comes in handy too.

  • Take the extra board or a straight slat and put it over your floorboards. By doing this, you can figure out which of your floor boards is elevated. If you’ve found the rising board, figure out which wall the board has moved towards. This will help you determine which skirting board to pry loose.
  • Remove the skirting board with your hammer and chisel. Put the chisel between the wall and board and knock on the top of the chisel with the hammer.
  • As soon as you’ve removed the skirting board, you’ll see which board is too close to the wall. Get out a pencil and a slat. Draw a sawing line onto the bulging board. Your line should be drawn at the same height as the boards next to the misplaced board.
  • Use your multi-tool to saw along the line you just drew, and remove the piece of wood. Get rid of the sawdust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Check whether your floor is flat again. If so, you can put the skirting board back where it belongs. If you don’t remember how, check our video on “how to install skirting boards on your floor”.

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