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quick-step parquet japandi style floor

What is Japandi?

Japandi interior: Japanese style with a Scandinavian touch

Although Scandinavia and Japan are thousands of kilometres apart, they have more in common than you might think. A shared love of beauty, authenticity, and minimalism, for example. Japandi – Japanese style with a Scandinavian touch - is an interior design trend that combines the best of both worlds, with great results.

Where hygge and wabi-sabi meet

More than just an interior trend, Japandi is also a life philosophy, and the best proof that some values transcend cultural boundaries. While the Danish create ‘hygge’ or a sense of well-being through their use of sustainable materials, the Japanese have learned to admire imperfection by embracing ‘wabi-sabi’. In the end, it all comes down to a common, minimalist design language.

Quick-Step Japandi Style Hardwood
Quick-Step Japandi Style Hardwood

Emptiness and meaning? Japandi!

Sober and warm

Typical Zen interiors evoke a sense of harmony through their simple and sober design, while the presence of natural materials satisfy our human need for warmth and security. In both cases, we aim to create a feeling of calm and tranquillity by surrounding ourselves with meaningful objects.


The foundation of your Japandi interior

In Japandi, each interior is approached as a blank canvas that makes space for emptiness. This allows us to be conscious about each design decision. The choice of flooring, for example, plays a significant role, as it’s the foundation on which you can sketch out the rest of your interior. Play with contrasts by combining a concrete tiled floor and wooden cabinets. Or introduce a harmonious colour palette in neutral shades, like sand, brown and beige, to add a sense of calm.


Make it personal

By adding items like books, meaningful paintings, or handmade ceramics, you can give the room a personal touch. Add plants, organic shapes and sustainable materials, or opt for a warm wooden floor to further enhance that feeling of well-being.


A wooden floor. Why wouldn’t you?

brown hardwood in japandi living room

Japandi allows perfect imperfections


Detail and variety

At its core, Japandi constitutes a marriage between minimalism, beauty, and authenticity. Which is why Quick-Step’s designers are big fans of this philosophy. Since the very start, they have been developing timeless floors that are maintenance-friendly and sustainable without compromising on aesthetics. Time and again, their eye for detail and variety has resulted in a unique and realistic look and feel – close to nature with all its perfect imperfections.

The right floor

In Japandi, and also other interior trends, the choice of floor is as decisive as the first stroke on a blank canvas. Which is why our laminate and vinyl collections come in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes.

Quick-Step Japandi Style Hardwood

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