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Quick-Step Minimalist trend

Pure relaxation with the minimalist trend

Pure relaxation:

Less is more

Less is more. Everyone knows the saying, but at times, it can appear vague. Look at the newest interior trend however, and you’ll understand it straight away. Minimalism seeks out contrast between shapes, colours, light and warmth — a winning mix for anyone wanting to come home feeling relaxed.

The minimalist trend

This style, which originated in Japan, serves to emphasise essence. It does away with the unnecessary, helping chaos to disappear and providing space for calm. A nice inspiration that encourages you to experiment — by adding your own twist you can easily create your very own minimalist style!

Match your colours

When you think about minimalism, you instantly think of white, grey, anthracite and black tints which, at first glance, radiate little emotion. But there’s nothing to stop you adding a nice colour accent — whether that’s a contrasting bright colour or a softer pastel colour, the choice is yours and anything is possible! Try not to overdo it though, choose one tint and a few objects. A decorative cushion, rug, painting or vase is ideal and will help your colour element to stand out in the room.

Play with light

A minimalist interior helps you to feel calm and draw energy. The lighter colours of your walls reflect light from outside, giving you a natural element of light inside, so don’t block your windows, just let the sun in!
Quick-Step Minimalist trend
Quick-Step Minimalist trend

A mixture of shapes

Another way to play with the minimalist trend is to look again at your interior elements. With a sleek and orderly style, you can play with abstract shapes. An upright lamp with a smooth design combined with a square coffee table — you can do that!


Your furniture where you want it

As the minimalist trend gives you more space, you can arrange your furniture in all manner of ways. If you’re the kind of person who likes to try out new things from time to time, it will certainly be your thing! You can change the way a room looks entirely by just moving one piece of furniture.  

A floor that keeps you warm

Is everything a bit cold for you? You can remedy that by simply choosing the right floor. Choose a colour that exudes warmth and adds comfort to the rigidity of the minimalist design — it will make coming home all the more pleasant.


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