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Alpha Vinyl floor in bathroom

The perfect addition: Yana Huremovic’s vinyl bathroom floor

“Our vinyl bathroom floor still feels like it was installed yesterday”

Yana Huremovic’s beautiful new vinyl bathroom floor

Influencer Yana Huremovic writes about interiors, DIY and food. Having renovated a house twice, she and her partner Thomas know all about selecting high-quality products for their home - which is why they chose Alpha Vinyl flooring to complete their stylish bathroom. Combining style with durability and performance, Alpha Vinyl is both practical and beautiful. Fully waterproof, it has a natural look and feel, and is blissfully silent underfoot.

A new look for the bathroom includes a vinyl floor

When Yana and Thomas bought their dream home, they did much of the renovation work themselves. Their bathroom had to be completely re-fitted from top to bottom. Once they had gutted the room, they covered the walls in white paint and chose a free-standing bath, walk-in shower and wall-hung cabinets topped with a circular basin. To match this serene, natural look, they opted for a high-performance Alpha Vinyl flooring in Canyon Oak Natural.

Natural accents

“Our style is somewhere between classic and country, with a touch of contemporary,” Yana explains. “When choosing our vinyl flooring, we were looking for a nice, fresh colour that would make the room look even bigger. We have oak accents running throughout the house, so this Alpha Vinyl in oak was the perfect addition. It’s beautiful, feels like wood grain and we found it easy to install, too.”

Yana Huremovic in bathroom with Alpha Vinyl floor
Yana Huremovic in bathroom with Alpha Vinyl floor

Practical and stylish

Another important factor for Yana and Thomas was a floor that is waterproof and non-slip. Alpha Vinyl is perfect for a bathroom because it’s 100% watertight - thanks to a combination of the Quick-Step advanced click system and water-repellent surface technology. “The floor withstands water very well,” says Yana. “Droplets just stay on the floor and never penetrate the surface or between the joints. And it’s not slippery at all when I get out of the shower.”

As good as new after two years

Yana and Thomas are delighted that their vinyl plank floor still looks exactly the same as on day one. “It feels like it was installed yesterday,” says Yana. Alpha Vinyl features a sealed top layer, ensuring superior protection from scratches, stains, dirt and scuff marks. It’s easy to maintain, too. The couple simply use Quick-Step products to mop the floor once a week. “It’s easy and really isn’t a chore,” says Yana.

A hotel at home

Yana spends at least half an hour every day showering and getting ready in the bathroom, which now has a light, bright and fashionably natural atmosphere. “I need this me-time immensely,” she says. “The room has a really great hotel feeling. I’m totally in love with it, especially the combination with our vinyl floor - it makes me so happy!

Discover Alpha Vinyl

Yana Huremovic in bathroom with Alpha Vinyl floor
Yana Huremovic in bathroom with Alpha Vinyl floor
Yana Huremovic in bathroom with Alpha Vinyl floor

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