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Sustainable laminate flooring Quick-Step


Discover why recovered wood is the choice for your dream floors

Since the 1960s, Unilin – the group behind Quick-Step – has been a pioneer in the circular economy. Back then, we used flax straw – a waste stream from the flax industry – to produce our particle boards. Nowadays, we focus on wood to create your dream floors as it’s a CO₂-storing and reusable material that can be converted into green energy.

Towards the circular economy of Unilin Group

Did you know that, in contrast to other raw materials, wood stores CO₂ instead of emitting it? On top of that, it can be reused many times and converted into green energy at the end of its lifecycle. It’s the perfect example of how wood can be used in a sustainable way as a renewable raw material. That’s why we’ve taken up the task to repurpose wood as long as possible and extend its life span to the max.

Chopped trees Unilin recovered wood park trunk pile

Floors of recovered wood

Wood leftovers from the sawmill industry, trees that were cut down along roads for maintenance and safety, and wood obtained from sustainable forest management such as sick trees: it’s all wood that still can be used. Instead of burning or discarding it, we turn it into the fibreboard that makes up the core of our laminate and wood flooring. This low-grade wood might no longer be fit for use in any other industry, but it’s perfectly suitable for the floorboards that make your home shine.

Unilin installations and biomass plants

Extending the lifecycle with recovered wood

By reusing wood, we’re saving it from incineration, thus preventing the release of carbon that’s been stored for decades. If wood does get to a point where it’s completely at the end of its lifecycle, we convert it into renewable energy using our own installations in our two biomass plants. It’s the perfect example of how wood can be used in a sustainable way as a raw material. Extending the lifecycle of wood contributed to Unilin Group becoming the first flooring producer to receive the EU ecolabel in 2018.

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