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Sustainable wood flooring Quick-Step


Quick-Step sets the highest possible standards for its products

Environmental excellence: that’s what Unilin – the group behind Quick-Step – is going for. Not only does our production comply with environmental and health standards, but we also voluntarily take our efforts one step further by going for important additional certifications, like the EU Ecolabel. Becoming the first flooring producer to receive this label in 2018.
Quick-Step laminate floor with EU ecolabel

Impact of the EU ecolabel

Established in 1992, the EU Ecolabel is recognized across Europe and worldwide as a label of environmental excellence. The label was created to encourage producers to generate less waste and CO₂, produce durable and recyclable products, and to provide guidelines for companies looking to lower their environmental impact. Its importance cannot be understated when making the shift towards a more circular economy.

The EU ecolabel’s environmental criteria

The EU Ecolabel criteria provide best practices for companies trying to develop an eco-friendly product line. They’re all about:

  1. reducing the use of toxic substances
  2. avoiding deforestation and degradation
  3. improving waste disposal and recycling
  4. efficient use of resources & products
  5. cutting down on carbon emissions.

Stringent third-party controls guarantee adherence to the labels’ requirements. At Quick-Step, we’re proud to meet the EU’s high standards. And we’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation, being the first flooring producer ever to go above and beyond industry standards.

Unilin Solar panels roof

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