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Experiment with colour in your interior

Tips for making your interior more colourful

Ready to inject some colour into your interior? Before you start on your journey towards a vivid interior, it’s a good idea to think about how you are going to do it. After all, there are number of different ways to give your rooms some colour. Will it be stand-out decorative elements or perhaps a striking lick of paint on the walls; perhaps even an unmissable colour for your laminate or vinyl floor? Get inspired by our tips or preview your interior in our RoomViewer.

Decorate with daring

Maybe you’re a little restrained when it comes to bright colours? No problem! There’s no need to pop open a can of bright yellow or grass green paint just yet. Leave those walls pure white, there are plenty of decorative elements in bright, attractive colours that can help you achieve the same effect.

Changed your mind? Then just exchange that sky blue sofa, take the pink clock off the wall and put that brightly coloured lamp somewhere else. Most importantly: have the courage to experiment!

New floor, new room

There’s no better way to transform the look of a room than with a new floor. The effect of switching to a lighter, darker or more vivid colour can be truly refreshing. A floor in a different colour can make a room seem larger or more intimate in no time, even cooler or warmer, more luxurious or convivial. Whatever you want to achieve, there’s a Quick-Step laminate, or vinyl floor to help you get there!

Feature walls: guaranteed impact

A coloured wall is often all that you need to give a room character and added depth. Less is more, isn’t it? A feature wall only really works well if it contrasts with the white walls around it. It also allows you to experiment with a colour without have to paint the whole house. Pick a wall that you want to tackle and check the light incidence first. A wall that gets too little sunlight will look dark, so you it would be better to give it a lighter accent colour. Decided? Time to get the painting gear out!

All or nothing

If a cautious approach isn’t really your thing and you want to embrace the vivid colour trend with full force, combine all of the above! A colourful feature wall, a floor that instantly draws your attention and unique decorative elements for that extra colour. Why not? Soft pastels such as yellow and pink are ideal colours for walls and work perfectly with bright accessories in more intense colours. Your courage will be rewarded with a playful interior that’s guaranteed to give you energy.

See for yourself in the RoomViewer

Prefer to see first then believe? See how our floor colours and patterns will look in your own interior with the Quick-Step RoomViewer.

Discover the RoomViewer

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