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Living room with terracotta floor


Looks like stone, feels like home

How do laminate and stone tile flooring compare?

Are you struggling to decide between natural-looking stone effect laminate floor tiles and a real stone tile floor? Both look fabulous but perhaps you’re not sure which one will suit your style and home best, not to mention your all-important budget.

We can help you to make that decision easier by looking at the pros and cons of our Muse laminate flooring collection compared to real stone tiles. Find out more below.

Comparison between Muse laminate tiles and natural stone tiles



Muse laminate tile

Natural stone tile


Feels warmer underneath your feet Can be cold underfoot


Quick and easy installation with Uniclic, our innovative click-system Slower installation - uneven tiles, complex membrane process, use of mortar and grout
Budget & Warranty Economically priced, lifetime warranty Expensive, very durable
Appearance Indistinguishable from real stone Natural stone

Underfloor heating

Compatible, conducts heat efficiently

Compatible, conducts heat very efficiently


Exceptionally scratch & stain resistant

Depends upon specific material: some natural stone is prone to stain easily

Muse laminate flooring, for a myriad of beautiful designs

Do you like the look of natural stone? Then you’ll love the Muse collection! The most realistic laminate stone tile you’ve ever seen. Muse laminate flooring has exquisite detail that’s indistinguishable from real stone but comes with the warmth and comfort you crave.

Our Muse laminate flooring collection is available in natural, authentic styles like cosy limestone, cool slate and Mediterranean terracotta, as well as our intricate bluestone and minimalist chalk finishes.

With our on-trend botanic and grey concrete laminate tiles, you can get all the benefits of a superb concrete floor with none of the mess - and a fraction of the work! Thanks to Uniclic, our innovative click-system , installation is a breeze. So you’ll have a beautiful new floor in no time.

Minimalistic kitchen with a laminate stone tile floor
Minimalistic kitchen with a laminate stone tile floor

Durable and budget-friendly

Kitchen with grey laminate stone tiles floor

No thrills with your spills

When someone spills red wine or has a spaghetti mishap you can relax, because unlike natural stone our laminate tile flooring won’t stain. That’s reassuring if you have your eye on neutral, interesting designs. And it’s good to know there’s no time-consuming extra maintenance. So your downtime is your time.

What’s more, you can be safe in the knowledge that our Muse laminate tile collection is 100% watertight, which makes it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. And, our laminate tile is extremely comfortable. Sounds cosy? Even better – it’s compatible with underfloor heating, so you can have a warm underfoot all year round.

Lightening your load

If that’s not enough, our Muse laminate tile collection is DIY-friendly. You can install it yourself in no time! Lighter to carry than real stone tiles, it’s faster and easier to install without any messy mortar and tricky membranes. All of this makes our Muse laminate tile the perfect choice for home improvements and renovations.

We’re all having to get spreadsheet savvy with the rising cost of living. But the Muse collection won’t break the bank. Laminate tile flooring is more budget-friendly than real stone tiles. That’s great news when keeping costs low is a priority now more than ever.

Beige living room with laminate stone effect tiles

So what’s it to be, Muse laminate tile or real stone flooring?

With our beautiful collection of stone effect laminate floor tiles in traditional and modern styles, you’ll find it hard to tell the difference between our flooring and the real thing. And you won’t have to worry about stains or spills. Plus, you can stick to a healthy budget.

Muse laminate floor tiles offer the warmth and practicality of laminate flooring with all the natural beauty of real stone tiles. Decision made? We hope so.

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