Quick-Step launches Impressive Ultra – a new collection of waterproof laminate floors

Quick-Step takes design, innovation and quality to new heights with its brand-new Impressive Ultra laminate flooring collection.

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra, Waterproof Laminate floors

Unique waterproof finish

Waterproofing laminate floors without using additional coatings? Quick-Step is the first to succeed at this challenge. Reaping the benefits of innovative flooring technology, Quick-Step’s Impressive Ultra laminate floors come with a protective and 100% waterproof HydroSeal finish, thus preventing water from penetrating the floors’ joints.

Technology meets authenticity

Besides a water-resistant finish, the Impressive Ultra floors have another innovative feature in store. The floors’ joints are pressed into the surface layer during production. That way, they not only keep water out, but also create a unique, authentic look. Colour variations beautifully blend into the joints, while the planks’ wood grains seamlessly merge into the floor surface.

What’s more, this cutting-edge technology also makes the floors anti-static from head to toe. The result? Dirt and dust don’t cling to the surface, making the floor even easier to clean.

16 stunning designs

Quick-Step’s Impressive Ultra laminate floors raise the bar in keeping up with the latest interior trends. From a classic to a reclaimed look: the collection offers no fewer than 16 designs, turning pine and oak wood into refreshing and stunning flooring styles.


NEW Quick-Step Impressive Ultra laminate flooring