Waterproof laminate floors

Thanks to their innovative “HydroSeal” water-repellent coating, the latest Quick-Step laminate floors are the first truly waterproof laminate floors in the world. From now on, the design and durability of your floor go perfectly hand in hand.

Why you will simply love our waterproof laminate?

Waterproof laminate

100% waterproof

Say goodbye to moisture problems. ‘Majestic’, ‘Impressive (Ultra)’, 'Eligna' and 'Classic' laminate floors have an innovative, water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating even in the grooves, so that no water can penetrate. Cleaning has never before been so easy and so safe.
Waterproof laminate

Natural look

Closely examine the floor surface and you will notice it immediately: Quick-Step waterproof laminate floors are the most natural laminate floors ever made. The authentic character of the joints is in perfect balance with the design of the floor. The colour, design and structure extend right into the joint and create the feeling of real wood.
Waterproof laminate

Years of carefree living

Thanks to the Scratch Guard top coating, Quick-Step laminate floors are up to ten times more resistant to scratches than most other laminate floors. Scratch Guard gives your floor lasting protection against wear and tear from falling objects, furniture marks, high heels, etc. Moreover, your new Quick-Step laminate floor comes with a guarantee for up to 25 years: your guarantee of years of carefree living…

Watch the video

Watch the video below and see for yourself how Quick-Step’s waterproof laminate floors outperform competitive products.

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