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Quick-Step vinyl laminate floors holiday home

With the right laminate or vinyl floor it’s vacation time all year round

Turn your house into a holiday home

Do you dream of a vacation home by the sea? Or do you long for a log cabin in the Norwegian fjords? You don't always have to look far! With a makeover of your own interior you can enjoy that blissful vacation feeling all year round. Get inspired by our styling tips and discover how to turn your home into a holiday house with the Illume and Capture collections.

Soft & waterproof vinyl
for your beach house style

The sea is an endless source of inspiration, especially for colours. Do you opt for colour accents in the classic navy style or do you prefer lighter azure tones in the atmosphere of the Aegean islands? Or maybe you’ll even get inspired by the sandy colour of your favourite beach? In the Illume collection you will surely find the vinyl floor that matches your favourite holiday destination. Think of the blue of the sky that clears up after a storm or the soft green hues of desolate dunes at the twilight of dawn.

Quick-Step Vinyl floors beach house
Quick-Step Vinyl floors beach house

Bring in the holiday vibes

Choosing the right colours is the first step to bringing the holiday vibes into your home, but you can further enhance this by using natural materials such as wicker, burlap and linen. Or consider a scaffolding table with a sun and sea weathered look. You can also play with subtle details such as a planter with dune grass or shells that you integrate into your interior as travel souvenirs.


Go barefoot on your vinyl floor

Want to go all the way? In our Illume collection you will find an Oyster Concrete floor  with the subtle pattern of small shells and pebbles. This way you literally have the sea at your feet whilst enjoying all the advantages of a vinyl floor. This means there is no need to worry about water splashes and you can walk barefoot all year round enjoying the soft, warm touch of vinyl.


Discover our Illume collection

Warm laminate for a cabin in the woods

A log cabin on a remote lake in Canada or a tree house overlooking the Norwegian fjords will inevitably make you start dreaming. If you want to bring this interior style into your own home, chances are you love greenery in all its facets. Combine this with sober earth tones and rich hues from ochre to sunflower yellow as a link to Mother Nature.

Quick-Step laminate floors forest house
Quick-Step laminate floors forest house

Cozy up and relax

In terms of textures, you can take inspiration not only from a forest setting but also from animals that live in the wild. Use tactile materials like wool, plumes and feathers or let sequences and patterns from nature run like a common thread through your interior. A cozy fireplace and warm plaids should of course not be missing.


Laminate flooring with warm wood designs

Wood is indispensable for creating a warm atmosphere in your interior. Our Capture collection is therefore perfect for a forest cabin makeover. The authentic designs look and feel like real wood without the practical disadvantages of it. Do you have mud on your shoes from a pleasant walk in the woods? No stress! These laminate floors are incredibly easy to maintain.


Discover our Capture collection

Start dreaming about the new floor for your holiday home

Whether you choose a cabin in the woods with a warm wood decor from our Capture collection or a beach house with an Oyster Concrete vinyl from our Illume collection, it is certain that you will enjoy that blissful vacation feeling all year round!

Do you want to preview a Capture or Illume floor in your weekend house? Try the RoomViewer!

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