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Quick-Step Illume vinyl carpet look

Treat your feet to the softness of
Illume vinyl floor tiles

Create cosy indoor spaces with vinyl carpet tiles

Introducing the new Illume range of luxurious vinyl carpet tiles. Warm and silky smooth underfoot, they come in delicate pastel tones that are easy on the eye and foster a feeling of calm and wellbeing. Illume floor tiles are ideal for creating cosy, comfortable indoor spaces. Be sure to also check out our design team’s top tips below to help you make your nest even warmer.
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Give your home some hygge

“Home is where the heart is. It’s your safe haven, the place you go to escape life’s chaos, to relax, unwind and restore positive energy”, explains Quick-Step’s chief designer Joyce van Waeleghem. We all need a little cosiness sometimes, what the Danish call hygge. The use of soft, tactile, soothing textures and tints to create an aura of warmth and tranquillity has been popular amongst interior designers for a while. And as the pressures of modern life grow greater, it’s a trend that’s likely to stay.

Quick-Step vinyl carpet look
Quick-Step vinyl carpet look

Illume vinyl floors – beautiful, and beautifully clean

Enjoy the sumptuous velvety look and feel of real carpet, but without the hassle. Scoring top marks for looks and practicality, the Illume vinyl tile range is available in a range of pastel shades that will complement any décor. The floor tiles are also ideal for use with underfloor heating – the perfect way to ensure that your floor feels wonderfully warm and cosy all year round..

As well as being very hardwearing, all Illume vinyl floors are also very low maintenance: regular cleaning with some water is enough to keep your floor in pristine, just-laid condition – even in the bathroom! No need to worry about stubborn carpet stains: just wipe any spills, drops, muddy boot marks or paw prints away. And thanks to our patented Uniclic system, you can install your beautiful new Illume floor yourself. What could be simpler?

Quick-Step vinyl carpet look

5 tips to add extra cosiness to your carpet tiles

For extra hygge at home, check out our top tips:

  1. Think curvy: when designing the rest of your interior, work with soft textures, neutral colours and rounded forms, and be sure to avoid hard angles and lines.

  2. Don’t forget to accessorise: add lots of lovely scatter cushions and layered throws for extra cocooning and cosiness.

  3. Go with the glow: opt for lower-level lighting and lamps on side tables and sideboards to create pools of light and a warm, fireside effect.

  4. Peace through plants: we know that flowers and plants have a hugely positive effect on our physical and mental wellbeing. Be sure to add greenery to help cultivate calming, visually pleasing vibes.

  5. Bring character and charm to your spaces through carefully chosen pieces of art. But remember that less is more: avoid that eclectic overcrowded gallery wall, and opt for softer floral prints or abstract designs.


Ready to give your home – and your feet – a real treat?

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Quick-Step vinyl carpet look

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