5 tips for choosing the perfect underlay

How to choose an underlay

Ready to install a new laminate floor? Have you already thought about soundproofing and levelling the substrate? Approach the job carefully, think long-term, and start with a sound basis for your laminate floor!

An underlay is an absolutely necessity when laying a laminate floor, since it will have a major impact on the final look, quality and comfort of your floor. Moreover, the use of an underlay offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Types of noise

An appropriate underlay can prevent disturbing noises. Firstly, you have transit noise; what you hear when someone in the room above you is walking around on their floor. Secondly, there’s reflection noise; what you hear when you walk over your own floor.

An underlay for every situation

Which underlay is best depends on the use of the room and the characteristics of your home.

1. Is there little movement and back-and-forth walking in the room (bedroom, attic …)? Then go for the budget-friendly Quick-Step underlay Basic Plus

2. For intensively-used areas such as the living room, you should choose an underlay that better dampens noise, such as the Unisound underlay

3. If you mostly want to dampen reflection noise, go for the Silent Walk solution. This underlay is ideal for the ground floor.

4. By contrast, for a penthouse apartment or a top storey, you should opt for the Transitsound underlay.

5. Finally, if you want to install the new laminate floor on an existing floor or an irregular substrate, then go for the Thermolevel underlay, which also provides extra insulation.

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