How to lay your Quick-Step parquet flooring

Quick-Step Parquet floors can be installed in two different ways: floating or glued down.

1. Floating installation

Thanks to the patented Uniclic Multifit system, Quick-Step hard wood floors can be laid in a jiffy. The handy tongue and groove system allows you to lay the floor planks with a single 'click' and without any glue or other materials. For maximum installation comfort, the Uniclic Multifit system offers you three installation methods.

Quick-Step Floating Installation Method 1 Drop Down

Method 1: drop down

Click the panel in the long side, slide the planks towards each other on the short side and press down. The ideal method to quickly install a large area.

Quick-Step Floating Installation Method 2 Angling

Method 2: angling

Click the panels first on the short side and click the long sides together. The ideal method to install the first row of planks.

Quick-Step Floating Installation Method 3 Horizontal insertion

Method 3: horizontal insertion

In contrast to many other brands, Quick-Step wood floors can also be inserted horizontally. This is very handy when installing the last row of planks, or in places where it is difficult or even impossible to tilt them (under door frames or radiators, for example).

Quick-Step Floating Installation Method 3 Horizontal insertion

2. Glued down installation

You can also use the traditional 'glue down' method if you want. Simply use the dedicated Quick-Step Parquet Glue.

Quick-Step Installation Set

Quick-Step Installation glue

The Quick-Step installation set contains everything you need to rapidly install your floor without damaging it:

  • a tapping block;
  • adjustable spacers (to make sure you get the expansion joints right);
  • a metal crowbar

The installation set is also available with a step-by-step installation DVD.

Quick-Step Parquet Glue

Quick-Step Parquet glue

The Quick-Step Parquet Glue is an SMX polymer glue especially developed to glue your Quick-Step wood floor to most types of sub-surfaces. It's ready to use.

Quick-Step Kit

Quick-Step Kit

This elastic, acrylic-based paste is the ideal solution for those spots where you cannot install skirting boards or profiles. It’s available in a colour fitting your floor. Ask your dealer for advice.

Watch the video

See for yourself how easy it is to install a Quick-Step Parquet floor in our installation video.

Floating installation:

Glued down installation:

Download installation instructions