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Alpha Vinyl: the best floor for your home gym

Alpha Vinyl approved by Quick-Step cyclists

Want to design your own pain cave or home gym? Choosing the right floor is extremely important. The floor will need to meet a range of different requirements. It needs to be strong, but should be soft to the touch as well. Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl’s cyclists have already tested the floor for you – in their pain cave at the team’s training camp.

A strong vinyl floor for a strong athlete

The first thing you’ll be looking for is an ultra strong floor. Jumping up and down, weights falling, a bench that needs moving... A lot can happen in a pain cave. Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl has an ultra strong core to help protect it from impact damage. The unique top layer is resistant to scratches, so you can put your floor through its paces without ever having to worry.


Vinyl is resistant to blood, sweat and tears

Resistance to stains and waterproofing are also important criteria for your home gym floor – after all, the chance of someone spilling a sports drink or glass of water is pretty high. Quick-Step vinyl floors are 100% waterproof, which means that water cannot penetrate the grooves, all thanks to the innovative click system. Add to that the water-repellent top layer, and there’s no sweat when you sweat.

A new floor in your home gym in three easy steps

Designing a pain cave in a room that was previously used for something else? You won’t need to be concerned about irregularities in the floor that’s already there. You don’t usually need to treat the subfloor before installing Alpha Vinyl – it can usually be installed right over the top of existing tiles.


A stylish vinyl floor in your home gym

It has to look good too. Alpha Vinyl floor designs are barely distinguishable from real wood or stone. As Alpha Vinyl is resistant to water, scratches and impacts, you don’t need to lay an obtrusive rubber floor over the top to protect it. It’s an effective floor for your home gym that looks good too.

Alpha Vinyl floors have been designed to perform, both in functionality and in design and style.
Strong, high performance, always pushing boundaries.
They’re born winners, much like Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl cyclists.

Did you know that two of the team’s cyclists have already set up their own home gym with Alpha Vinyl for training?
See the pain cave designed by world champion Julian Alaphilippe and Pieter Serry.

Discover the Alpha Vinyl collection

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