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5 steps to embrace earth tones in your interior

Bringing earth tones indoors with Quick-Step

Embrace the current trend of earth tones, beautifully matched with Quick-Step's durable laminate and vinyl flooring for a warm, tranquil home. Let these five steps guide you to a space where nature's palette and modern elegance meet. And try the RoomViewer tool to visualize the impact of earth tones in your interior.

Create an earth tones interior design in 5 steps

  1. Earthy paint colours

Elevate your interior with wall hues like olive greens, beiges, or soft browns. These colors can serve as a versatile base or striking accent walls and can be combined with warm flooring such as terracotta tiles.

  1. Plants and greenery

Infuse vitality into your home with indoor plants. Choose from large floor varieties for a statement piece or small tabletop plants for subtle green touches.

  1. Natural wood elements

Embrace the charm of natural wood in furniture and decor. From rustic tables to art frames, these elements add an authentic earthy touch, especially when paired with Quick-Step's laminate or vinyl flooring that perfectly mimics natural wood textures.

  1. Natural stone or brick

Incorporate stone or brick elements in your home for an unmistakably earthy feel. Whether it's through a cozy fireplace, an accent wall, or decorative items.

  1. Earthy flooring options

For a truly earthy aesthetic, consider flooring materials that echo the natural world. Terracotta tiles, natural stone, or wood-look laminate and vinyl from Quick-Step enhance the earthy theme, adding unparalleled warmth and character to your space.

Want to see earth tones in your interior now?


Try the RoomViewer

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