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the new trend
in house renovation

From furniture to flooring!

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Fit your vinyl floor
in a retro interior

The cheerful vintage style is finding its way back into our homes. That’s great news! Especially as it’s easy to take your interior from ‘grandma’s’ to grandiose, with some fun wall colours, many options to upcycle and incorporate second-hand furniture, plus plenty of flexible solutions (such as Alpha Vinyl) to transform an old floor. So what’s the vintage trend all about and how do you succeed in a retro renovation and floor?
Read on to find out.

Retro flooring as your biggest challenge

As the foundation in your retro home renovation, it’s very important to get the flooring right. The good news? It’s actually very easy to cover up those ugly old tiles and create the retro look you’ve always dreamed of. Did you know, for example, Alpha Vinyl planks & tiles can simply be placed on top of an existing floor, even if it is uneven? Better still, being waterproof and super strong Alpha Vinyl suits every room in your renovation project, including your kitchen and bathroom.


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Retro interior design: old favourites with a modern twist

Keen to make the right choices but unsure of the rules? Well, if it feels fun and lively then it’s probably retro! The focus lies on bright colours, wild designs and an overall sense of flair. In other words, exactly what we need to cheer us up in 2022. The 50s, 60s and 70s are the main source of inspiration, but in fact any era from the past can be incorporated. The retro style is eclectic, mixing old and new to create a kaleidoscope of fabrics and forms, textures and materials, colours and shapes. The end result is old with a modern touch, leading to a lovely cosy look.

Tips to succeed in your retro renovation

Creating a workable retro style decor requires attention to every detail. Once you have mastered the floor – an easy task thanks to Alpha Vinyl - the art lies in combining colours and curves, fun fabrics and furniture. The important thing to remember when decorating in this style is to go all the way.

  1. Choose vintage colours
  2. One of the easiest ways to give a room a retro transformation is to choose vintage colours. Avocado green is a very popular choice, along with mustard yellow and combinations of brown, red or blue. Bold and psychedelic were big in the sixties. Or stick to the seventies with some rich orange combined with muddy muted neutrals. Splash them on the walls or add colour accents with furniture or furnishings, such as cushions.

  3. Embrace those curves
  4. Circles were hotter than ever in the sixties and seventies, so no wonder they’re making a comeback in retro interior design. Named by designers as one of today’s top trends, curved furniture is certainly here to stay. The addition of rounded edges in circular geometric patterns on e.g. wallpaper or pictures also softens the sharp edges and adds cosiness. Need some inspiration? You’ll find plenty in art deco and art nouveau design.

  1. Be creative in choosing materials
  2. Take your retro look to the next level with a creative choice of materials. Vintage leather, luxury velvet, classic ‘Lloyd Loom’ rattan, a shagpile rug… Mix to your heart’s content. That’s the fun of it!

  3. Give your old furniture a new life
  4. A retro makeover need not cost you a fortune. Of course, when it comes to furniture, there are some beautiful designer pieces out there, but you can also choose to revamp what you’ve got, or take a trip to your nearest second-hand store. There’s plenty out there. The essence of retro? The furniture items will usually try and grab your attention. When it comes to seating, choose a striking rattan chair or look out for bean bags, round stools, hanging pod chairs, or a luxurious lounger.

With Alpha Vinyl flooring and a little creativity it is surprisingly easy to succeed in your retro redesign. The reward? A unique look and a cheerful cosiness which you (and your friends and family) are sure to enjoy.

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