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Stress-free home renovation
thanks to
Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl

A smooth renovation
with Alpha Vinyl

The Covid era launched a new wave in house renovations: many people have discovered the delights of a cosy and practical home and home office. Want to get started on a renovation but not sure how? Or put off by the upheaval involved in breaking out your floor? Never fear, with flooring like Alpha Vinyl, it may not even be necessary. Take a look at these helpful tips for stress-free renovation.

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Inspiration for your house renovation

Do you already know which style you wish to pick for your new interior? Are you on the same page as your partner? Pictures speak louder than words! Express your design dreams and favourite colours and styles with a mood board. If tastes differ, get everyone to do their own and pick out the common features.

You may find also inspiration in the current interior trends. A popular trend right now that offers plenty of opportunities to add your own personality is a retro interior. Fans of minimalism and muted colours are sure to like Japandi, as a Japanese and Scandinavian mix in interior design. You’ll also find plenty of ideas and inspiration on websites, such as the Quick-Step inspiration gallery.

Old favourites and new additions

A room renovation does not necessarily mean starting from scratch. Take a look at what you already have and decide on some favourite items that you are keen to keep. Sometimes an old cupboard can fit perfectly after adding a lick of paint or some new handles. Or pop some new cushions on your plain sofa and it may suit your new style. Are your old floor tiles an eyesore? Did you know you can easily add Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl on top to bring them up to date? Even if the original tiles are uneven – a quick fix that makes a world of difference!


Practical renovation without compromise

When starting a renovation, it is also important to be realistic and match your wants with your practical needs. If you have kids at home, it might not be the right time for that wonderful white sofa you’ve always dreamed of. And with toys flying around or pets in the house you’ll certainly need a strong floor to stand up to them. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom? You will save yourself a lot of stress if you choose something waterproof.

Alpha Vinyl is a worry-free flooring choice without having to compromise on beauty. It’s not only tough, it is also 100% water-resistant, and can take pretty much anything you throw at it. When it comes to your desired look, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for – whether it’s stone, concrete, wood,…

That means it’s the ideal all-rounder for the renovation of any room, including your bathroom and kitchen. Meanwhile, you can relax and rest assured that your newly renocated room will look picture-perfect, now and for years to come.


Testing, testing

Decision time! Wouldn’t it be handy if you could visualise what your new room will look like? Well now you can! Take a look at your new floor with the Quick-Step RoomViewer . Super easy and super helpful when you are making that all important decision. If you are changing your room layout or choosing the size of new furniture, use cardboard boxes stacked to a similar size to get a feel for it, and play around with them until you get it just right.

A helping hand with your house renovation

Do you plan on to do your home renovation work yourself? The result will be extra satisfying. And it’s easy to do! When it comes to flooring, some flooring requires a perfectly flat underfloor surface, but unique Alpha Vinyl has a thin and rigid structure and can be laid on top of pretty much any tile floor, giving you both the stability and style you were dreaming of. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions and your new floor be good to go in no time.

Don’t feel up to the task? Then why not call in the help of a professional. Relying on a Quick-Step Master Installer means relying on a real expert!


The next step in your renovation project? To discover all the benefits of Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl.

Discover Alpha Vinyl

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