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The playfulness of nature
in your home

Mother Nature is a powerful and endless source of inspiration for Quick-Step’s chief designer Joyce Van Waeleghem and her team. They have created three trend moods that reflect the playfulness of nature in your interior. Watch the full video and discover how you can bring happiness to your home and life.


Inexhaustible source of inspiration

At Quick-Step, we are more aware than ever that the connection with nature is crucial for everyone's well-being, so we think it is only logical that nature also takes a leading role in your floors. This allows you to bring a more natural feeling into your home and that has a positive effect on your mood.

Chief Designer Joyce Van Waeleghem: “When people ask me what inspires me, I tell them to just look around. The nature around us is a constant source of energy and inspiration for the entire Quick-Step design team.”


Floors that make you happy

Especially after everything that has happened in the world over the past two years, playfulness is something we all desperately crave. That is why we integrated a playful aspect into some of our flooring designs. This creates a positive, fun and uplifting atmosphere in your life by adding a playful element into your home.

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