Take a peek at Deceuninck-Quick-Step rider Pieter Serry's personalised pain cave

As a long-time sponsor of one of the world’s leading cycling teams, we gave the home gyms of riders such as Belgian climber Pieter Serry total makeovers to help them train and perform at their very best. The latter’s exclusive ‘pain cave’ boasts calming yet playful elements and an ultra-strong Alpha Vinyl floor.

Prepared to perform

The interior design of a home gym is just as important as the equipment. Colours, shapes, materials, etc. have a big influence on how sportsmen perform and can even provide them with mental and physical energy. That’s why we designed personalised pain caves for several Deceuninck-Quick-Step riders. One of them is Belgian climber Pieter Serry.

Pieter Serry: “Since Belgian weather is quite changeable, to say the least, I rely on my inside bike trainer throughout the entire year. Besides that, I use my home gym for power training, core stability exercises, squats and so on. In other words: my home gym is definitely one of the most important rooms in my house. That’s why it should be a room where I feel comfortable and prepared to perform."

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Peaceful atmosphere

Serry’s favourite bike races are those that involve beautiful mountain scenery. That’s why we used cool mint green as the basis of the Belgian cyclist’s pain cave. Green reflects nature and has a calming yet refreshing and uplifting effect. Serry: “That sense of nature helps ease my mind so that I can fully focus on my training and unwind after an intense workout.”

The Belgian climber loves his rest and peace, but never for long. His friends and teammates call him ‘the running joke’. The pain cave’s playful colours and shapes – hence the mountain contours – reflect that witty side of Serry’s personality, resulting in a peaceful atmosphere with a twist. The abundance of light opened up colour blocking opportunities by contrasting the mint green with darker green tones.

The addition of wood-inspired materials – with an Alpha Vinyl floor as the piece de resistance – and earthy, white and black interior elements give the pain cave a warm and natural look and feel. “I simply adore the combination of the sleek design and rustic aspects”, Serry adds.

Warm and strong floor

The floor of the pain cave is covered with Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks (Sea breeze oak beige). The realistic vinyl planks are undistinguishable from real wood and offer a warm and soft feeling. Serry: “The pure oak look – without knots and cracks – and natural feel of the floor add to the relaxing atmosphere.

“My floor doesn’t only look good, but it is extremely strong too. I used to be very careful with my weights, squat rack and other training gear. But from now, I don’t have to worry about scratches or other damage. Heavy sweating is no issue either, because Alpha Vinyl is water-resistant, which makes it easy to clean. Bring on those rainy training days, I’m covered.”

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