Tips: get your home (and floor) ready for spring!

Our favourite time of the year is the day we can finally bask in early spring sunshine. Spring traditionally stands for a fresh start and always brings a major energy boost. It is also the perfect time to awaken your home and interior from a long winter sleep.

Liven up your interior

These past few months we’ve mostly been trying to keep the cold at bay and keep things warm and cosy inside the house. The start of spring ushers in a period where we try to bring as much light and warmth from outside into our homes. Just a few simple actions are all it takes to prepare your interior for the most beautiful months of the year!

Replace those fleece blankets with colourful plaids and give your sofa a fresh look with new pillow covers. Roll up those thick winter carpets and let your wooden floor breathe. Light cotton table cloths and a few scented candles can do wonders.

Don’t forget the wall decorations: hang up some new frames, artwork or wall prints with bright colours and eye-catching patterns. Don’t feel like investing in a slew of new and colourful accessories? Tip: replace your lampshades and you’ve got a new home. Literally bring the outdoors inside by adding a few new indoor plants or vases with beautiful leaves and fresh-picked flowers.

Are you truly in good spirits at the start of spring? Then rearrange the furniture or take down those heavy winter curtains and put up lighter ones with a colourful print.


Get started with the spring cleaning

Some abhor it and others adore it: the annual spring cleaning. Whichever camp you’re in, the start of spring is undeniably the ideal time to put your home in order. So throw open the windows, turn on the radio and get to it!

During the autumn and winter months a lot of dirt finds its way into our homes unnoticed. Frequent light maintenance of your floor – using a dry or damp microfiber cloth – is enough to keep dirt from piling up but thorough cleaning a few times a year is still necessary. Also, moving around your furniture when cleaning or rearranging your interior may leave black scuff marks on the floor.

No worries though: all of Quick-Step’s vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors are easy to clean. Dissolve a small quantity of the special Quick-Step maintenance product for your floor in a bucket of water, soak a microfiber cloth in the solution and wring it out really well. Use the cloth to wipe the floor taking care not to leave behind any moisture. 

Try to remove tough stains and scuff marks with a dry cloth first. If this doesn’t work, soak the cloth in a small quantity of the special maintenance product and apply gently. If you have an oiled hardwood floor, the spring cleaning is the perfect time to treat your floor with the appropriate Quick-Step maintenance oil. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes and then wipe the floor dry with a clean cloth. If during cleaning you notice that the floor is lightly damaged in places then you can easily remove small dents or scratches with the Quick-Step repair kit.

Complete makeover? Start with the floor!

If you’re truly brimming with energy then you can start from scratch and give your interior a complete makeover. Since the floor is the backbone of any interior, it is a good idea to start by choosing a new floor. Your floor supports the entire interior decoration scheme of your home, literally and figuratively. But how do you decide which floor is the perfect fit for your interior and personality?

Of course, hardwood flooring is still the pick of the litter: the smell of real wood, the palpable grain and the unique texture of the knots, ... What’s more, Quick-Step’s multi-layer hardwood floors come with the guarantee that your wooden floor will not bow or warp. 

If you’re looking to combine appeal with ultimate user-friendliness then vinyl or laminate flooring is definitely an option. Why? Because the latest collections are uncannily realistic: they effortlessly combine the look and feel of actual wood – or even natural stone – with all the practical advantages of water- and scratch-resistant vinyl and laminate.

More food for thought: the plank dimensions. Short planks do wonders for a small room! The space appears larger because it takes more planks to fill the entire room. If the room is fairly large then extra wide and long planks are the better option. These planks are the perfect match for the weathered wood designs, which add a feeling of luxury.

If you haven’t made your choice yet: in just three simple steps, our FloorExplorer gives you an overview of the floor and interior decoration styles that best suit your personality and taste! Use our practical RoomViewer to find out what a certain floor would look like in your room